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The best solution for cabin crews and passengers. Mobipax offers an innovative services which will be part of your digitalization strategy, with fast paperless information exchange, increasing efficiency and service onboard.

Mobipax App for cabin crew staff

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Many people buy almost everything online now using smartphones, or they use services like ticket booking, food delivery, or paying bills. Why don’t we do all of those when we are flying? Yes! Order your chicken slice and apple juice one hour before the flight because your tummy says so and board the plane faster than ever!

Brace yourselves for the magic app that will help you and your cabin crew board the plane easier! How about onboard service people knowing what you like in terms of food, drinks, and entertainment? And of course, they must make sure to prepare enough for passengers. We’ve got you covered there too! Oh and no need to carry your boarding pass anymore because you can tap your phone and go, go, go!

How does mobipax help your airlines better?

Let’s take a look what we can offer to your airlines.

Passenger information

mobipax provides detailed information about all passengers. Passenger seat locations, preferences, languages spoken and special meals are available with one click. Passenger feedback and incidents can be entered and synchronized back to the cloud.

Passenger survey

mobipax replaces inflexible, paper-based passenger surveys with a modern and fully customizable mobile passenger survey solution. Surveys can be defined through the web portal in as many languages as required and synchronized with the mobile app.

trip schedules

mobipax helps the cabin crew to manage all trip schedules. Schedules makes it easier for cabin crew to service passengers in case of flight delays or by providing details about flight connections and flight alternatives. Life will be easier and flexible.

trip info

mobipax keeps track of all relevant information of a flight, cruise, rail trip or bus tour, including a summary of passengers on board, seat configuration and in- and out-bound connections. Cabin defects or issues occurring during a trip can be recorded, together with pictures taken, and synchronized with the web portal.

sales on board

mobipax' integrated Sales on Board solution provides a flexible tool to sell ancillary services, meals, drinks, duty free items and other products on board- all integrated into a IATA compliant Offer and Order Management Solution.

boarding guide

Mobipax’s boarding experience, optimizes the boarding process helping reduce turnaround times and delays. It can be displayed boarding announcements, seat location prior to boarding​, Passenger and flight information​.

Life will be easier and flexible with Mobipax!!!

Personalize Your Experience

No matter what business model your airline follows and if you need all modules or only a selection of what we offer; implementation is so easy and cost-effective, that you will see an improvement of the service provided on board by your crew.

Saving and improvements

Saving on reduced paper usage within the airport (no more list printing), better planning results in better on-time performance, Potential replacement of onboard magazine saving weight (=fuel burn) and production cost but still be able to get advertisement money. Increase in onboard sales and increase in customer satisfaction.

Mobipax App for cabin crew staff
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We've Come a Long Way

When we traveled, we could not stop noticing that at almost every gate, long lists of passenger names are printed on devices, which look like that they belong into a museum. Coming from an airline reservation background, we knew that information was available electronically and wondered why cabin crew still had to rely on ground handling staff to hand those printed lists relatively late to the crew in a not very “eye-pleasing” format.
We also have traveled on airlines that introduced tablets for their crew and saw the crew juggling with the bulky devices, whilst also trying to push a trolley during meal service or in need of one or both hands to assist passengers. That did not seem to be an ideal solution. So for us, that made all no sense and we started to develop Mobipax as an App that can be downloaded on all mobile phones.

No matter what business model your airline follows and if you need all modules or only a selection of what we offer; implementation is so easy and cost-effective, that you will see an improvement of the service provided on board by your crew.

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