Mobipax Transforming the Customer Experience in Aviation

November 22nd, 2021Blog

Customer experience in the aviation industry has undergone a considerable transformation throughout the customer touch-points, right from check-in to onboarding. However, once the customer has boarded the flight, there is very minimal technology enablement in terms of the in-flight experience and service. The customer preferences are not adequately factored in, and the crew members cannot …

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Aviation Industry Credible Media

November 1st, 2021Blog

In our previous newsletter we mentioned, that we provide airline business solutions for cabin crew and passengers. To do so, we cannot rely on smart developers and experienced product managers only but need to listen and understand market requirements and industry trends. For that purpose, we follow and subscribe to credible news sources. These sources …

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Relaunch mobipax

November 1st, 2021News

Warm greetings from Mobipax! We are back! Some of you may remember us, some of you may have only heard of us, and for those of you who collaborate with us regularly, thanks for all your kind support. We used the last few months, while most airlines reduced operations and focused on core business, to …

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mobipax App Uses Blockchain and AI to Improve Cabin Service

November 15th, 2021Blog

Thailand-based startup mobipax’s in-flight cabin service app incorporates blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer service, customer recognition, claims management and in-flight sales. The cloud-based mobile solution gives flight attendants access to information including passenger preference data and customer feedback, enabling them to offer better, more personalized service. Since it runs on Android and iOS …

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mobipax Press Release 2017

November 15th, 2021News

Experts agree, when it comes to how a passenger judges their flight-experience, the nature of their interactions with flight attendants couldn’t be more important. Unfortunately, in many cases, technology hasn’t been harnessed in a meaningful way to get the most value as possible in this area. Stepping up to help is Thailand based startup mobipax, who …

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