mobipax offers a suite of modern mobile apps integrated with a cloud-based backend-platform. These apps help airlines to improve on-board efficiency, individual passenger servicing and sales of pre- and on-board merchandize and overall help to lower cost and increase revenue.


mobiCREW aids efficiency in planning, briefing, boarding, meal services, passenger retailing, special promotions, personalized passenger interaction and tracking of surveys. The app’s flexibility increases revenue streams and offers a seamless passenger journey.


mobiWATCH, in combination with mobiCREW, further reduces the size of devices cabin crew must carry, without limiting access to important flight information, passenger profiles and preferences and the wide range of flexibility our mobile and tablet apps are offering.


mobiPAX gives passengers access to personalized flight offerings, flight information, surveys, feedback, requested in-flight meals and drinks, browse, select and purchase pre- and on-board merchandize and display interactive seat-maps for a more efficient boarding experience.


mobiGUIDE is an information terminal independent of the expensive airport platforms. It is used to provide passengers with up-to-date flight information and, when provided with a scanner, allows a passenger to check how to navigate to the assigned seat efficiently.