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Elevating Airline Operations: UX/UI Design for Mobile Applications


In the ever-evolving world of aviation, airlines are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency, enhance passenger experiences, and streamline their operations. One powerful tool in achieving these goals is the development of mobile applications with user-friendly interfaces. These apps play a pivotal role in both ground and in-flight operations, ensuring that airlines can deliver a […]

Relaunch mobipax


Warm greetings from Mobipax! We are back! Some of you may remember us, some of you may have only heard of us, and for those of you who collaborate with us regularly, thanks for all your kind support. We used the last few months, while most airlines reduced operations and focused on core business, to

mobipax App Uses Blockchain and AI to Improve Cabin Service


APEX Insight: The twin tech zeitgeists of blockchain and artificial intelligence are driving innovation in cabin service through mobipax’s cloud-based mobile solution.     Thailand-based startup mobipax’s in-flight cabin service app incorporates blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer service, customer recognition, claims management and in-flight sales. The cloud-based mobile solution gives flight attendants access to information