From Legacy Systems to Innovative Solutions: The Role of Two Leading Team Members at Mobipax


In this month’s newsletter, we are excited to highlight two of our team members who have played a vital role in building Mobipax from the ground up.

Porntippa Pongthomma
Head of Product Manager

First, we have Porntippa Pongthomma, our Head of Product Management, who began her airline career with Lufthansa Airport Services in 1998 before moving on to Emirates Airlines. In 2006, Porntippa became a Product Manager at TIK Systems, where she gained valuable expertise working on international projects, including those for Germania and Swiss International Airlines. With her knowledge of both operation and IT sides, Porntippa became one of Mobipax’s co-founders and has been instrumental in evaluating and designing airline e-commerce solutions, NDC messaging, and Offer and Order Management.

“Having worked for larger companies in the past, I believe that company size is not the most important factor. What really matters is having the right people in the right positions. At Mobipax, we have a great team with a variety of experiences that complement each other perfectly. Our company has a more intimate and collaborative culture, allowing employees to work closely with each other and wear many hats. This flexible work environment allows us to achieve more efficiency and productivity, which makes me very proud of our strong and effective team.”

Porntippa firmly believes that the use of the mobile app for cabin crew can improve the efficiency of airline operations, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs compared to using an outdated legacy system. The app provides real-time access to passenger data, such as seating arrangements, meal preferences, and frequent flyer status, allowing cabin crew to work on the go and respond to customer requests more quickly.

Worawut Thanavisarn
Head of Mobile Development

Next, we have Worawut Thanavisarn, our Head of Mobile Development, who is responsible for all mobile cross-platform developments and mobile technology research. With almost 10 years of experience as a senior web programmer at TIK Systems and Mercator Asia, Worawut is a mobile junkie and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University. He joined WorldTicket A/S in mid-2015 as a senior developer, where he spent two years developing Java-based solutions.

Worawut has experience in designing and developing e-commerce applications, self-service airport kiosk solutions, and airline reservation systems. He is passionate about innovation, quality, performance, and flexibility and always keeps his colleagues excited with new ideas and creations. For Worawut, working at Mobipax is like being part of a family and friend community that encourages creativity on the job.

One of the unique features of Mobipax is that it is a cloud architect platform that reduces the need for paper-based processes, such as passenger manifests and meal preferences. This not only saves on printing costs but also improves environmental sustainability. The app streamlines communication between cabin crew members, pilots, and ground staff, reducing the need for manual processes and allowing for personalized service to enhance the overall customer experience.”

At Mobipax, we are incredibly proud of our talented team members and grateful for their dedication and hard work. With their contributions, we are confident that Mobipax will continue to thrive and achieve even greater success in the future.

Yours truly,

Piyapak Sinbuathong

Sales and Marketing Manager