Mobipax Product Highlights


In this issue of our regular newsletters, the first edition in 2022, we would like to share unique and interesting facts about our two mobile applications, mobiCREW and mobiPAX, aimed at enhancing cabin crew’s passenger service efficiency and  the traveler’s journey experience.


Airlines implementing mobiCREW will be pleased to know, that we do not charge for any implementation and setup fees. There is no “upfront investment” required and we do not ask for any commitments. We also don’t need to know how many boarded passengers your airline transports or the number of concurrent users that will access the platform – all we have is an economical fee for each flight mobiCREW is used for.

If that doesn’t sound convincing yet, then we provide new airlines with free flights to configure and pilot the airline’s customized experience.


Most, if not all other applications, have an English language user-interface only. Guess that is due to the fact, that the airline industry’s standard language is English. However, and based on our experience, users prefer to communicate in their mother-tongue, or another preferred language. That makes user more confidents and reduces possible stress-levels when dealing with situations on-board. Therefore, both our mobile applications mobiCREW and mobiPAX are available in multiple languages for the user to choose from. Currently we support English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian and French with more languages in the pipeline.


Did you know that passengers like to travel, coz they enjoy spending a lot of time waiting in a queue to get through the boarding process? Sounds like the only explanation why airlines and airport systems really make it difficult to speed up boarding. Airport systems tend to be rather slow when a barcode is scanned, airlines still using paper to reconcile passengers and on top of it, the highlight of every boarding: when passenger SMITH/AMR, sitting in row 34, tries to find his seat starting at the first row – coz he does not know where the seat is. mobiCREW offers a very fast and flexible offline boarding with integrated scanning of barcodes. The mobile app supports all industry standard formats, including PDF417, QR and Aztec. Combined with mobiGUIDE, it helps passengers to find their allocated seats faster and more conveniently thanks to the real-time guidance.


On-board retailing, which is an enabler to generate additional revenue for an airline, is a hot topic. You are most probably not surprised, that retailing is a feature included in mobiCREW and mobiPAX as well. Retailing platforms include a sales process allowing passengers to order goods prior to a flight or in-flight followed by a fulfillment handling to distribute purchased merchandize in-flight or after arriving at the destination.  Mobipax’ eCommerce is powered by a highly flexible product management and a sophisticated pricing engine, providing airlines with full personalization, recommendations, and access to previous purchases in real-time.

One of our key-differentiators is the support of industry standards, including IATA NDC and IATA ONEOrder. We use IATA NDC (with some minor enhancements) for our offers. Sales orders are managed in an IATA ONEOrder compliant cloud backend. In fact, our idea is that there is no difference between selling a flight and selling a beverage or a lounge access service. These are all products having slightly different dimensions but are part of what an airline wants to offer, sell and generate revenue, individually or as a bundle.

Do not forget, that the most valuable passenger might not be the passenger traveling with a discounted first-class ticket, but maybe the passenger sitting in economy and buying a Rolex watch on board.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. We will be back in April. Let me know if you require any further information about Mobipax, mobiCREW, mobiPAX or mobiGUIDE. You can reach me at or visit our website at

Warmest regards,

Piyapak S.

Piyapak (Mink) Sinbuathong

Marketing & Sales Manager