Relaunch mobipax


Warm greetings from Mobipax!

We are back! Some of you may remember us, some of you may have only heard of us, and for those of you who collaborate with us regularly, thanks for all your kind support.

We used the last few months, while most airlines reduced operations and focused on core business, to improve our products and to enhance our products’s functionalities and flexibility. Our aim was, and still is, to offer a better product for the market and giving airlines a tool to strengthen passenger servicing, safety and interaction. We also spent quite some time working on how airlines can generate additional revenue through more efficient merchandizing, personalized product offerings, by using modern eCommerce processes and a reduction of total cost of ownership.

As a starter, we would like to re-introduce ourselves. While time has passed, we are still a young and growing energetic start up business with a good mix of experienced co-founders, senior team members and lively ‘junior’ staff.

From now on, we will be sending out these “product and business information newsletters” occasionally, hoping you will find some insightful content to help you address daily business challenges and continued growth.

We welcome all feedback, comments and questions you may have on anything about the information provided, and suggestions of topics you’d like to see in future newsletters.


Piyapak Sinbuathong (Mink)

Marketing and Sales Manager

Who we are?

We started 4 years ago as a R&D project with 8 co-founders who have over 120 years combined airline business and IT experience. Some of the founders were part of the team that developed the world’s first sales on board solution for Swissair – more than 20 years ago. Interestingly, while the technology advanced a lot, the actual business processes have not changed much since then. However, we strongly believe that modern selling and the way we identify and serve passengers throughout the passenger journey is evolving – and we are ready to be one of the key players supporting the change, by offering modern and highly dynamic, yet affordable, solutions to airlines and passengers.

When we started with the design and development of Mobipax, we had two full-time staff and worked late hours and on weekends to create the first version. In the meantime, our team has grown to 18 people at two locations – one in Bangkok and the other one in Chiang Mai.

What we offer?

Mobipax offers the perfect synergy of an efficient mobile app for cabin crew mobiCREW and a modern experience for passengers mobiPAX, combined with a cloud-architected management backend. The collaboration of processes not only allow a full coverage of the passenger journey, but also offers an unmatched experience, reducing total ownership cost on one side, and increasing sales revenue on the other hand. Passengers can select pre-booked meals or enjoy an on-board merchandizing experience even before boarding the plane. Allowing the airline to offer more choice, streamlining catering and product assortment loading and reducing the workload of the crew. This allows the cabin crew to focus more closely on personalized servicing, giving passengers a better in-flight experience and providing instant feedback from passengers back to the airline.

Sales, surveys and cabin crew and passenger feedback are automatically synchronised with the cloud backend. Airlines can integrate their existing systems using Mobipax’s open WebService APIs based on JSON. All sales orders are available in IATA’s NDC industry standard. Mobipax is the first system using enhanced NDC schemas for on-board sales and merchandizing, further reducing complexity and cost of an airline’s mission critical eCommerce backend.

Improving passenger information and speeding up boarding doesn’t have to be magic- science and there’s no need to utilize expensive airport infrastructure. Thanks to Mobipax’ standalone gate information and boarding guidance solution mobiGUIDE, passengers can receive boarding and flight details professionally and board the plane more efficiently, improving on-time performance and reducing turn-around time. As we all know: time is money – and convenience.

Watch our VDO!

Seeing is believing. We have created a short video introduction highlighting some of the interesting features that mobiPAX offers. The video is available on YouTube. To watch it right away, click on the VDO and enjoy!