In this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce our ” Young Blood Leaf ” to you all. They are energetic, ambitious, funny, and of course genuinely outstanding! They are all from a different background, have their own characteristics, and contribute to the “JOYFUL” atmosphere of our team. We have interviewed them recently to learn more about where they come from and what they have experienced during the first weeks working with us. Let’s meet them!

Dear @ UX/UI Designer

" Learn & Laugh From Your Mistakes "

Born and grew up in Chiang Mai, “Dear” is a “knowledge is a key” type of girl as she will never start anything if she knows nothing about it beforehand.

“Dear” always tried to find herself since high school. She put herself into many different roles and subjects, including computer coding, which was first taught during her high school years. She decided to further her education at Mae Jo University in Computer Sciences.

After graduating 5 years ago, she started her first job as a freelance programmer for a software house. At the same time, she also accepted freelance jobs for other companies as a UX/UI Designer. During that time, she realized that she likes the challenges of a designer more than being a programmer.

One thing that is getting in her way is the language barrier which she feels is her weakness when having to  communicate in English with foreigners. However, she did not neglect about it, but always tries to improve herself. When she decided to join our company, she even asked to postpone the starting date by 1 month, as she wanted to study English, as well as to learn more about UX/UI design, giving her confidence before taking up her challenge with us.

Oops solution UX/UI Design” is her first big project assignment. She’s excited but also worried at the same time due to complexity and the challenges of the airline industry and its processes. She decided to attend additional online courses about Enterprise UX/UI Design after work and during weekends. At the same, time she continues to improve her English skills allowing her to communicate with the boss more fluently and get rid of her fear of English conversations.

“With the friendly and supportive colleagues and cozy work atmosphere and the job that I always want to do, there is no need for any other motivation to get me up from bed to work at all…I am thrilled to go to work every single day and do my best at my job!”

Her career goal is to work as a UX/UI Designer abroad one day and she will make sure that her dream will come true.

Hobby: Cactus grooming

Hero @ Full Stack Developer

" Make The Most of Today "

“Hero”, a humble and easy-going man, has found what he wants to be long before high school. Crazy with playing computer games since he was young, he had his own ideas how to improve in-app purchases and how to invent in-app online trading of goods. As a result, he decided to quit the ordinary high school after the first year and to continue his studies in Business Administration at Vocational College instead.

With his entrepreneur vision in mind combined with the growth of new technology, he realised that the ecommerce would be the next big thing to come for every business. He then decided to continue his study in Information Technology at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna in Chiangmai. The IS study provided him the knowledge of both, business concepts and software engineering.

After his graduation 7 years ago, he started his own business by selling product online and later joined a company selling Japanese snack products online. As a programmer, he learned the concepts of ecommerce in all aspects.

“Jumping into working with a company which creates aviation industry software solutions, I am always awakened with all the new information and knowledge that I can learn from the job. I have no experience at all in this industry as well as the job, however, I never looked at it as an obstacle in work and never worried about it. I just dive into the internet and search for information that will help me achieve the assignments. I can say that every day is my best day that I have a chance to work on this product.”

His career goal is do his best in everything.

Hobby: Reading dhamma books and meditation study.

Pim @ Junior Full Stack Developer

“ I Cannot be Everyone’s Favorite Person,

So, I am Going To be My Favorite Person "

“Curiosity creates wisdom” could perfectly describe “Pim”, our smiley-good-mood girl. She is also a newly graduate from Chiangmai University in Computer Sciences.

She likes innovative technology and always sees that there are interesting and stunning innovations in movies she likes to watch or in the real world. Her ambition is to invent one on her own.

After her graduation, she knew that she wanted to work as a software developer. She impressed us all with her presentation of her test assignment – and without any doubts landed her first job with us.

As a “newbie” in her new career as a software developer, every day is an exciting day for her. She comes to work with enthusiasm while she remains a little bit nervous as she is not fully confident yet whether she can execute the job. Unsurprisingly, up to this day, she has proved to us that she is shining in her job.

“The highlight of my assignments is “Attribute Management”. It is a very challenging task, and the first solely responsible job for me which I consider it as my baby project because I have to groom it from the beginning on my own. I am so excited and little bit worried at the same time, but I have no fear of doing it because I asked every senior colleague on how to start and with their support and guidance, I managed to achieve all milestones of my goal which I am so proud of myself!”.

Her career goal is doing the best in every moment without worrying about the future. Pim wants to further her master’s degree abroad after she knows for sure which major in computer sciences that she wishes to dive into.

Apart from being excellent in her field of work, she also wants to be a chef as she loves reading cookbooks since she was young. Once in a while she surprises us with her delicious cookies and pastries.

Hobby:  Baking, resin casting, polymer clay sculpting

View @ Junior Business Analyst

“ No One Knows Me Better Than Myself ”

Newly graduated from Chiangmai University in Computer Sciences, “View”, a very lively girl, has come across a challenge in jumping into this field even it is not related to her family business which she will have to pursue one day in the future.

At first, she wanted to study Industrial Engineering. However, the sweet reason why she decided to apply for computer sciences field was because she wanted to invent a program that can help pluck grey hairs for her mom as it is usually her task to do so, even she likes it …. but having a helping tool would be nice too!

After graduation, she had two options available: either continue studying for a master’s degree or joining the family business. But again, she asked for a chance from her family to get out of her comfort zone by working in a  “real-life” company. That’s how she joined our company as her first job.

“All the assignments make me eager and surprised as it feels like doing new things which I had never done before, and this is real work not a study project anymore. With all the help from senior colleagues plus fun and friendly atmosphere, this really supports me to accomplish all my tasks each single day.”  

Her career goal is to be the best Business Analyst ever. When time comes to pursue her family business, she wants to be the best manager who understands all processes from the beginning to the top, allowing her to understand her staff and succeeding in her business.

Hobby: Thai dessert cooking and painting