Mobipax Transforming the Customer Experience in Aviation


Customer experience in the aviation industry has undergone a considerable transformation throughout the customer touch-points, right from check-in to onboarding. However, once the customer has boarded the flight, there is very minimal technology enablement in terms of the in-flight experience and service. The customer preferences are not adequately factored in, and the crew members cannot optimise their workflow due to a lack of information at their fingertips. This is where Mobipax comes in. The company offers a mobile application that enables the passenger to have an experience according to her preference, and at the same time, the solution empowers the crew members to deliver their services efficiently.   

Such a solution was long overdue when the market is replete with legacy solutions focused solely on the airlines and not paying heed to the customer’s requirements. This is not to say that servicing the airlines should not be the objective, but the intent should be to enable them to customise their services as per the customer’s needs. Mobipax allows the airlines to embrace digitalisation based on the functions, assessing where it would add value and where it won’t.

“Through our applications, we try to support both the cabin crew and the ground staff. The solution helps them operate without paper and improves the way they communicate with the passenger. At the same time, the passenger is also able to communicate easily with the airline using our applications. As a result, it is easier to maintain social distancing as well. Such functionalities become extremely useful in today’s situation with the apprehensions pertaining to Covid-19 pandemic.”
Angkoon Jiriyasin

The core purpose of Mobipax is to facilitate an end-to-end mobile experience for customers, from the moment they enter the airport to the time when they complete their journey, and for cabin crew, from the preflight crew briefing, the welcoming of passengers on board until the flight arrives and all passengers have disembarked safely and happily. Passengers can submit their meal and drink preferences before they board a flight. Based on these requests, catering can prepare and optimise what needs to be loaded on-board, and the cabin crew knows exactly what the passengers expect when travelling.       

Knowing the customers’ preferences in advance empowers the crew to serve passengers more efficiently, especially in short-duration flights with a small time window for servicing between take-off and landing. The integrated ‘Sales on Board’ module of Mobipax mobile application acts as a flexible tool for the crew to sell ancillary services and merchandising products with ease.

“Without knowing the customer’s preferences, flight attendants find it difficult to plan their services. Our mobile application makes it easier for them to serve each passenger in a streamlined manner.”
Porntippa Pongthomma

Mobipax has helped several airlines enhance their operational efficiency. In one of the instances, a flight operator struggled to track the passengers who made the booking and those who boarded the flight. Operating at a remote airport, lack of internet connectivity was an impediment that adversely impacted the boarding efficiency and post-flight revenue management of the operator. Mobipax came to their rescue through its offline boarding and passenger reconcile feature. By using the feature, the operator gained visibility into its operations even in times of low internet connectivity.   

Leveraging their experience in the aviation industry, the co-founders of Mobipax have built the solution to serve global needs. Allowing the passenger and crew members to use the mobile application in any language accomplishes their objective. They plan to expand the reach of Mobipax by helping more and more airlines and passengers across the globe.      

Written by Michael Stephen, November 19, 2021. Available at